regenerative agroforestry

Black Pearl Ecological is a privately funded organization whose mission aims at conducting research and designing Agrosilvopastoral and Coral Reef Fishery systems that meet the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement of 2015. Both require that we reinvent our agriculture methodologies. Agricultural emissions have to be reduced and carbon needs to be stored back in the ground while simultaneously addressing biodiversity loss, desertification, land and water degradation issues.

With the earth's growing population and the negative effects of climate change, the agricultural sector is under pressure to find ways of increasing food production while promoting environmental enhancement.

We believe that Agrosilvopastoral and Coral Reef Fishery systems have the potential to produce more food, store more CO2, increase biodiversity and restore degraded land and coral reefs while not reducing a farmer’s income (it may even increase it). We believe these system will support rural families and create a more livable landscape for humans and animals, demonstrating that environmental conservation and social justice can co-exist.

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