Nature at Home
Nature at Home Introduction Our Nature at Home series of articles and associated videos is being created to provide information covering everything from agriculture and landscaping to environmental protection in an effort to make our actions more ecologically friendly as we face a time, due to climate change, where 40% of our land based ecosystems will move from one type to another, including our own.

In our efforts to find specific environmental information, we found many scientists take specific, local studies and overgeneralize those findings to the world at large. Even when those specific studies are good overall, projecting the results onto the world at large can cause unscientific over generalizations, particularly when ecological context is ignored.

That is why we will be providing the most up-to-date information we can find from specialists that perform their studies and research in the Neotropics specific to the area the article is addressing along with the results of our own studies.

Feeder Birds of the USVI

Bananaquits and Hummingbirds

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