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This catalog is a living project and is being updated as time allows.

April 17, 2021

While conducting our agroforestry research we have found that the ecological relationships between flora and fauna is an area where little to no documentation exists.

As it stands today the St. Thomas Island exists in a Tropical Rainforest Climate Zone with Subtropical Dry Forests in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 13. However, according to the data collected by National Geographic, the majority of St Thomas Island will shift to that of a Tropical Savanna Climate Zone while the east end will shift to Arid Steppe over the next 50 years.

We already have several species that are listed as endangered and this kind of climate change can cause major shifts in flora and fauna. Our catalog is being created to increase our understanding of how trees and plants on our farm are reacting to the effects of climate change. Which ones may not survive and what effect that will that have on the local wildlife? In addition we are documenting the Natural Catastrophic Event Importance of each species to rank their value to wildlife and rate of recovery after such an event. Hopefully, this will allow us to enhance our farm in a way that will bring stability to our micro-ecosystem and all the flora and fauna that live here.

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Black Pearl Ecological Interactive Fauna & Flora Catalog is being created by Black Pearl Ecological founder and Master Wildlife Conservationist Roy DuVerger

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