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Dog Almond / Andira inermis Dog Almond Leaf Dog Almond Bark
Dog Almond Flower Dog Almond Fruit


Ecological Relationships

Caribbean Skipper      Carpenter Bee      Drury's Broken-dash      Honey Bee      Red-necked Pigeon      Zephodes Duskywing


Although the fruit of this tree is classified as poisonous, upon observation there is a one to two day period between the time the flower is pollinated and the fruit begins to form, that the Red-necked Pigeon can eat the fruit with no harmful effects.


Natural Catastrophic Event Importance

Minimal ~ Although this tree provides nectar and pollen to a large number of different pollinators, it did not make its first attempt at blooming until 8 months after the hurricanes passed over the island.


2020 ~ Encouraging signs this spring as our tree has developed a large amount of new leaves, hopefully indicating that it has recovered from the 2017 hurricanes. We also have noted that our opening of the forest floor to allow more airflow around the base has been effective in eliminating all the white fungus growth. In May we located a second Dog Almond on our property that is currently in bloom, giving us hope for the larger one. Our larger tree started blooming on July 9th and lasted until July 22nd with a normal amount of flowers. This is the first major bloom since 2017.

2019 ~ Still recovering from the hurricane damage our study Dog Almond did not bloom this year, although many others with less damage did bloom. We did observe that their was a white fungus starting to spread on the bark around the bottom 3 feet of the tree that was having a negative effect on its health. We attributed this to what we determined was a higher than normal amount of moisture at the forest floor surrounding the tree. We subsequently removed all the hurricane damaged tree waste, trimmed back the smaller trees and pruned the palms to open a 4 foot area around the base vastly increasing the amount of air flow. Within 6 months the fungus had practically disappeared, the bark felt far more firm.

2018 ~ After suffering damage from Hurricanes Irma and Maria the trees first attempt at flowering in May failed. The second attempt in June was marginally successful. The unbelievably small number of pollinators that showed up to collect the pollen revealed how severe the death toll was.

2017 ~ Flower buds appeared week of June 12th, reached full bloom week of July 4th.

2016 ~ Flowers buds appear in early August and start to open one week later and last for two weeks, with the fruit appearing soon after. New growth started to appear during the second week in August.

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