Monarch Over-Wintering Count
Gumbo Limbo / Bursera simaruba Gumbo Leaf Gumbo Bark
Gumbo Flowers Gumbo Fruit


Ecological Relationships

Brown-throated Parakeet      Honey Bee      Kingbird



Natural Catastrophic Event Importance

Minimal ~ Due to the relative weak nature of the limbs the Gumbo Limbo survived the category 5 Hurricanes with the main trunk and a few larger limbs attached. It took two years of regrowth before they sent out their first flowers.

We did observe that they were able to withstand a category 1 Hurricane with relatively little damage and sent out flowers the very next year.


2020 ~ New flowers begin forming in May after a successful 2019.

2019 ~ Trees flowered in April for the first time since Hurricane Irma hit the islands on September 6th 2017

2018 ~ While the main trunks of the trees survived, they lost many of their limbs whose regrowth has been evident but slow in comparison to other trees.

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